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Other Educational Service Offerings


We offer extra lessons and tutoring in all of the subjects which we teach (see our service offerings page) from grade 4 to matric.

We also offer support for reading, writing and math for grades 1, 2 and 3.

Lessons are done after school by our very experienced subject teachers and need to be booked in advance.


We also offer study skills courses during the holidays and before both mid-year and final exams.

Our courses cover the different range of skills it takes to study for the various subjects. A student can not apply the same study methods they use for languages as they do for maths and sciences. We teach students how to apply a range of unique study skills techniques to their different subjects.

These courses run during mornings in the school holidays and in the afternoons just before exams. Please contact us to find out when the next study skills course will be and to book your spot.


Because we are accredited with SACAI which is the national home schooling body, Odyssey Academy offers leaners fully accredited home school courses which end in a valid grade 12 certificate.

Learners are given weekly lesson plans each term which they must follow highlighting content to be covered as well as exercises to be completed. Assignments and test are also issued which must be completed under test conditions whereby a member of our staff ensures that these conditions are adhered to.

Assessments and work are submitted for marking on a weekly bases and feedback and marks are then returned to the student. These can either be submitted via weekly appointment with the school or via email.