Welcome to Odyssey Academy

With a strong focus on the learner as an individual and through a much more nurturing and supportive environment, we strive to help our learners achieve their educational goals to the best of their abilities, as well preparing them for the outside world.


Enrichment Programme

At Odyssey Academy we firmly believe that school is not only a place to learn and study the various subjects

Own Pace Learning

Our teachers are experienced in dealing with children with special needs and are always willing to help wherever their expertise is required

Great Activities

We have annual school camps for all the learners as well as fun weekends for both learners & parents including our annual angling tournament at the Vaal Dam

Best Education

At Odyssey Academy all our teachers are fully qualified teachers, whom by legislation are registered and accredited with SACE (South African Council of Educators)

Our Services

Quality Educational Needs for your Child

Registered Private School

The learner attends a full day of classes for various subjects every weekday and follows the CAPS curriculum.

Liberty Academy GED Online

We offer the USA based GED online matric as an alternative for learners who struggle with the CAPS curriculum.

Extra Lessons

We offer extra lessons after normal school hours in a number of subjects across all phases.

NSC Matric

Odyssey Academy is registered through SACAI to offer the National Senior Certificate.

Home School Learners

Learners who prefer to work at home can register through us and download all their assessments online.

Extra Curricular

We offer a small number of sports and cultural activities, as well as school outings and tours.