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About Odyssey Academy

We are the answer to parents and children that needs extra attention


The answer to this question is that Odyssey Academy caters for all those children struggling in the mainstream education systems currently in place in South Africa. We strive to help frustrated parents who are looking for the right environment for their child’s special needs when it comes to an education facility.

Odyssey Academy is the answer to those parents and children who need that extra attention and are struggling to cope in schools that do not fully understand their different and unique needs. Many children with these unique needs work better in smaller environments where there is less pressure on them and they can feel more comfortable in the nurturing and understanding environment which Odyssey Academy will create for them.



We do our best to help any child who needs us

At Odyssey Academy we have a range of learners from different backgrounds and cultures. We do our best to help any child who needs us.

Some of the learners include those with anxiety problems or learning disabilities who find it much easier to cope in our much smaller classes and nurturing environment. 

Some learners are not physically able to attend large schools due to medical conditions and can not manage to carry heavy bags and to move around. Odyssey Academy is ideal for them as we can cater for them and ensure they are as comfortable as possible and attended to in the correct manner.

Some of the learners are on their way to becoming professional sportsmen and women and spend of their time practicing their chosen sport. Odyssey Academy offers them to the opportunity to come in when they can and get a top quality education so that they can attend a university or college one day should they require it.